Paymer is an innovative solution combining the benefits of traditional payment methods with possibilities offered by Information technologies.

Paymer offers:

  • Low costs - You are charged 1% for issuing a Paymer. Then you can send, receive, split or merge issued Paymers free of charge.

  • Speed – It will take a few seconds to pay with Paymer. In addition, specially designed interfaces will notify you within a few minutes if the recipient has accepted your Paymer . These interfaces are described in Business solutions.

  • Security – The reliable encryption protects your funds from unauthorized access. Moreover, Paymers’ digital nature is another weighty argument in favor of their security. Thus, if you write down your Paymer’s code and number in your pocketbook, you can feel absolutely protected from fraud because nobody could guess what these numbers mean.

  • Convenience – You can use Paymers to pay both online and offline. You are free to decide how you will transmit your Paymer to your partners: via Internet, by phone or at a face-to-face meeting. You can use Paymer in whatever way that suits you and your partner best.

  • Innovation – The traditional payment methods are starting to give way to new, progressive, convenient and multi-purpose methods. Choose Paymer to use the newest technologies designed to meet particular needs of modern society.

For more details go to FOR INDIVIDUALS and FOR BUSINESSES.