Paymer is available:

  • to any individual or entity
  • free
  • by any means of communication
  • at any time
  • worldwide

Paymer consists of a number and code of arbitrary length. Paymer’s issuer is free to set the number of characters in Paymer’s code and number.

Paymer’s amount is backed by assets belonging to its issuer. Money, securities, monetary instruments, products and services can be used to issue Paymers.

You can transfer Paymer to a new bearer by providing him with Paymer’s code and number. Ease-of-use, high technology and security let you use Paymers anywhere.

The Paymer system charges no fees either from sender or recipient. In other words, Paymers can be given from person to person just like cash. But unlike cash, Paymers can be used to pay to a partner located in any country in just a few minutes.