Paymers may be all you need to shop and send money to your friends, family and partners. Now you can save lots of time that you used to spend on getting credit cards and making wire transfers.

Use Paymers and take advantage of their benefits such as:

  • Ease of use – Paymers are easy-to-use. Paymers can be used just like cash. If you want to pay for a product or service, you just need to provide the merchant with Paymer’s code and number. Your payment will be received instantly.

  • Convenience – Paymer lets you shop without leaving your house. You can use your email to pay for online products or services. When you want to pay to offline merchants, it is convenient to use phone or fax.

  • World-wide accessibility – You don’t need to signup for the system to be able to use Paymers. For example, you can buy a Paymer and use this convenient payment tool all over the world. You can transmit your Paymer to any person in any country independent of whether he (she) is registered with the system or not.

  • Security – You can always protect yourselves from forgery of Paymers by verifying a received Paymer through a specially designed interface. The Paymer system ensures the uniqueness of all issued Paymers, their safe, secured transmission. If you have made a misprint on the Paymer site, the system will not submit the data and will notify you of this misprint immediately.