Payment Order (Paymer) is the new way to send and receive payments online. Developed to meet the growing need for convenience and security, Paymer is the best way to shop online and make instant payments offline. Combining ease of use with high security, Paymer opens new possibilities for merchants and customers.

Having a Paymer at your disposal, you can pay for goods or services to a merchant. You just need to provide merchant with Paymer’s number and code by phone, email, ICQ. Moreover, Paymers can be used like cash: you can give a Paymer to merchant or tell him its number and code.

You can issue your own Paymers and use them as a means of payment. Bank wires and credit cards can be used to issue Paymers.

Understanding customers' needs (their actual goals, the challenges and limitations they face, and the like), Paymer ensures maximum customer security and confidence, privacy of personal details, history of transactions, bank accounts, credit cards and other relevant information. Effective encryption means are used to secure transactions.

Our customer support is available round the clock to help you get an answer to any question related to the Paymer service at any time.

Paymer is the easiest way to shop online. Payments are instant. The Paymer technology ensures the security and confidence of your transactions.