Paymer offers a new payment solution for businesses. It is:

  • Convenient – Your customers do not need to open a bank account or sign up for the service to be able to pay by Paymers. All they need to do is to receive or buy a Paymer and transmit its code and number to you by email, ICQ, fax, phone or by using specially designed automatic interface on our site. The simpler the payment method, the more customers you will attract. New and existing customers will enjoy the convenience of Paymer. Because the payment will become easier for your customers, they are more likely to adopt this payment method, resulting in a higher sales volume.

  • Secure – Unlike credit card services, Paymer allows instant and irrevocable payments. You will always be sure that nobody will refund the payment. Thus, you will face no risk of chargebacks and hopefully avoid chargeback-related losses.

  • Quick - You can start using Paymers now. You just need to publish your email or phone number on your site and you are ready to accept payments from your customers. Paymer offers easy-to-integrate interfaces designed specially for you to automate payment processing - Paymer Merchant. You can integrate them into your site free and it will take just a few minutes. Paymer Merchant will reduce your online store creation costs.

  • Efficient – Paymer allows commission free payments from customers all over the world. Paymers will attract new customers from foreign countries to your service thus increasing your customer base.

  • Confident – Customers’ funds, personal details and business information are secured by the Paymer system. If you are using Paymer as a payment means you can be sure that your business will remain your own business.

  • Prestigious – Your company has a chance to issue its own monetary instruments – Paymers – and set their rate of exchange against other assets. You can use your own Paymers as a payment means to pay wages to employees, to pay to your partners, etc. If you have your own business, why not have your own payment means?