1. What is PAYMER?

Paymer is a digital payment tool consisting of a number and code. Paymer’s code and number can be saved in any place and they can be transferred to other people by email, fax, phone, etc. Paymers may be printed out and used like cash - you can give them to service providers and merchants. You can save them in a file on your PC and then send to your partners, friends and family via the Internet.

2. What are Paymer's denominations?

Paymer’s digital value is set by its issuer. Depending on the issuer’s desire and needs, Paymer can be of any value not exceed the current limits. Paymer’s digital value is determined by the amount of assets backing it.

3. What assets can be used to issue Paymers?

Money, goods and services, monetary instruments and any other assets can be used to issue Paymers.

4. Where can I store my Paymer?

You must keep Paymer’s number and code in any save place, inaccessible to other people, because Paymers are bearer instruments. Any person who will be the first to present Paymer’s number and code will be deemed its bearer.

5. How can I give my Paymer to another person?

If you want to give your Paymer to another person, you can provide him (her) with Paymer’s number and code. This operation is commission free. When you receive a Paymer, you’d better change its number and code using special interface on our site. The old number and code will become invalid.

6. If I receive a Paymer by fax, how can I be sure that the payer will not redeem it until I access your website?

You should verify the Paymer before you agree to accept it (see Operations/Verify ).
In any case, a Paymer is considered accepted only when its code and number are changed (see Operaions/Change code and number).
Presently, you can change Paymer's code and number only on our website (online), but soon this operation will be available by phone, WAP, etc.


7. How can I issue a Paymer if I want to cover it:
1) by funds in a bank account
2) by securities?

Different assets will be accepted in the near future. Please, keep up with our news. Presently, you can get a certain amount of funds on security of your assets at INDX. Then you can use received funds to issue Paymers.


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