You can follow these easy steps to transmit a Paymer:

  • select the “Safe delivery” menu item

  • enter Paymer’s number and code and click “Transfer”

  • enter the amount you want to transfer in the next browser window (Paymer’s total amount will be transferred by default), enter recipient’s email and click “Transfer”.

  • a Transfer-Paymer with a new number and code will be displayed on the screen. You can use this Paymer to control the transfer of funds, i.e. to confirm the payment or cancel it. You should print Paymer’s number and code or save them on a floppy before clicking “Confirm” (use appropriate icons). If you fail to save Paymer’s number and code, you will not be able to control the transfer.

  • When you have confirmed the transfer by clicking “Confirm”, the source Paymer will become invalid. If the Paymer’s total amount exceeds the transfer amount, a new Paymer will be created for the remaining amount. The recipient will receive a notice with the Paymer’s amount and URL where he can receive the sent Paymer. The sender will receive a notice with URL where he can control the transfer.

  • Then the recipient goes to the specified URL where the Paymer is displayed. This page can be viewed only once (this Paymer’s number and code are temporary and they will not be further used). Having clicked “Confirm”, the recipient will be redirected to the page where valid code and number are displayed. The Paymer’s number and code will be activated as soon as the sender confirms the transfer.