Agents in Paymer system.

Creation of Paymer checks is carried out at intermediary of Agents. Agent is a person or software keeping track of obligations and collateral received from issuers upon issuance of Paymer checks.

Presently, there are three agents operating in the Paymer system. Each agent keeps track of a certain type of cover funds.

The Obligation Agent keeps track of issuers’ obligations that do not provide for the placement of cover funds to the agent’s management. This agent provides certain guarantees assuring that the obligation received from the issuer should be fulfilled by redeeming the check. Thus, in order to create a check of the Obligation type, you should have your obligations to holders of issued checks recorded by the agent.

The E-currency Agent keeps track of obligations and cover funds in the form of different e-currencies (WMZ). Cover funds may be transferred to the agent at the moment of check creation or the transfer of cover funds may be suspended until the maturity date.