Paymer Login

Merchant registration scheme

1. Registration with Paymer Merchant

During the registration, you should provide the following data:
  • "User name" and "Password" (used for authentication and access to settings of your stores, issued bill listing, etc)
  • Email
  • Company name or an agreement that you are going to use the service as a private user
  • First and last name of the owner
  • City and street address
  • Phone and zip code

2. Settings

Before configuring the settings, you will have to design at least three HTML pages: a payment page (a request to the Merchant Paymer will be sent from this page), successful payment page (your customers will be redirected to this page in case the payment is completed successfully) and failed payment page. These pages will contain all parameters required to receive payments via Merchant Paymer. Then, you can configure the service settings to process payments received from your customers according to your needs and demands.

3. Test mode

The “Test/Live mode” option allows merchants to switch on the test mode to check whether their websites have been successfully integrated with Merchant Paymer. In the test mode no real transactions will be conducted. Transfer of funds will be imitated. The test mode allows merchants an opportunity to check if the site integrated with Merchant Paymer is working properly.