Paymer Login

Payment Order (Paymer) is used as a payment method for merchandise and services bought online. Developed to meet the growing need for convenience and security, Paymer is the best way to shop online and make instant payments offline. Combining ease of use with high security, Paymer allows merchants and customers a lot of new opportunities. >>

You can take advantage of the “Save delivery” feature allowing for protected transmission of checks. This feature eliminated the possibility of the loss of funds and unauthorized funds access when parties do not trust each other or use non-secure means of communications (for example, ICQ). This service guarantees that each Paymer check will be either transmitted to the recipient or returned to the sender. >>

Transactions with Paymer checks do not require Internet access. You can use your mobile phone to give commands or receive data. This feature is provided by a special service - SMS Paymer. Paymer has designed an interface for mobile phones that lets exchange, verify, split, redeem or transfer Paymers from one phone to another. >>