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Payment Success Form

This form submits payment details to the merchant system, if a successful payment was made. This form is submitted via the customer's browser if "GET" or "POST" Success URL method is set. The following table describes the fields on the Payment Success Form:

Action - Success URL

Method - method used to send the form to Success URL

Fields - fields on the Payment Success Form:

Field name HTML Field Name Description
Merchant Reference Number PM_PAYMENT_NO A field that the merchant can specify to associate the customer order with. The reference number will be included in the data associated with the payment. The reference number is received from the merchant's website.
Merchant Number in the Paymer system PM_PAYMERCH_ID The unique number of the merchant that the payment must be made to by the customer. The customer gets this number when the request is processed by the Paymer Merchant system.
Transaction ID in the Paymer Merchant system PM_PAYSYS_TRANS_NO The unique Paymer Merchant transaction ID that is associated with the payment.
Payment amount PM_PAYMENT_AMOUNT The amount that the merchant wishes to be paid
Currency type PM_PAYMENT_ATYPE The type of the currency that the above amount is specified in.
Test/Live Mode PM_PAYTEST_MODE Indicates whether the payment is real or test (simulated), its value is "1" if the payment was simulated and 0 if a real payment was made.
Transaction Date and Time PM_PAYSYS_TRANS_DATE The date and time that the Paymer Merchant system effected the payment, in the format "YYYYMMDD HH:MM:SS".
Merchant Parameters As specified by the merchant All remaining fields (of which the field names do not start with "PM_PAY") that the merchant may have specified on the "Payment Request Form".

The following is an example of "Payment Success Form"
<html> <head> ... </head> <body> ... <form method="<Success URL method>" action="<Success URL>"> <input type="hidden" name="PM_PAYMENT_NO" value="1"> <input type="hidden" name="PM_PAYMERCH_ID" value="679"> <input type="hidden" name="PM_PAYSYS_TRANS_NO" value="558"> <input type="hidden" name="PM_PAYTEST_MODE" value="0"> <input type="hidden" name="PM_PAYSYS_TRANS_DATE" value="20020314 14:01:14"> <input type="hidden" name="PM_PAYMENT_AMOUNT" value="100.23"> <input type="hidden" name="PM_PAYMENT_ATYPE" value="WMZ"> <input type="hidden" name="FIELD_1" value="VALUE_1"> <input type="hidden" name="FIELD_2" value="VALUE_2"> ... </form> .. </body> </html>