Paymer Login

Callback at Submitting Check Information

Request: Once the customer has submitted the check information and it has been verified, but the customer has not confirmed the purchase yet, a confirmation message is sent to the merchant’s website. The merchant’s website will return the confirmation of the merchant’s desire to sell the product.

Action - Result URL

Method - POST

Fields - The following table describes the fields on this form:

HTML Field Name Description

Unique number of the merchant that the payment was made to. Format: an integer.
*This field is required.

Field name HTML Field Name Description
Payment Amount


The amount that the customer paid to the merchant; a dot(.) is used as decimal delimiter.

Field name HTML Field Name Description
The type of the currency that the customer paid. Only currency types valid in the Paymer system must be used.

Field name HTML Field Name Description
Merchant Reference Number PM_PAYMENT_NO

A field that the merchant can specify to associate the customer order with. The reference number is associated with the purchase made by the customer. It is received from the merchant's website.

Field name HTML Field Name Description
This field indicates whether the payment was real or test:
  • 0: Switches to live mode - Payment was real; funds were transferred from the customer's check to the merchant's Paymer account;
  • 1: switches to test mode - Payment was simulated.