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IP Security Settings
IP filter has the following features:

  • IP address type: user’s IP address is compared with the IP provided in the IP subnet filter. IP address and a subnet mask should be defined.
    The subnet mask is the network address plus the bits reserved for identifying the subnetwork. It determines what IP address components can be changed. For example, IP is, and mask is Thus, all IP addresses beginning with 192.168 will match this filter.
  • Access object.
  • Active/Inactive
    Verification is done by active IP filters.

IP filter may allow access to objects of two types:

  • Paymer Merchant Account
    This parameter is used to check IP addresses at logging into the Paymer Merchant service.
  • Settings and operations of a particular store (merchant).
    This parameter is used to check IP addresses at payment and redimtion operations in the Paymer Merchant service.