Paymer Login


Merchant Paymer is the best solution for automation of payment processing. In addition, Merchant Paymer will help you significantly expand your customer base by attracting new users, significantly increase sales volume, and speed order processing.

Accepting digital checks for your products and services will free your customers from the need to register with different payment systems and online services beforehand. A customer will just have to enter the number and code of his Paymer check or WM card in a special form in order to pay for a desired product. And the amount paid by the customer will be instantly transferred to your account with this service and you will be notified of transfers made to your account.

Using Merchant Paymer, sellers are also freed from the need to join a payment system. You will get access to all options and settings by entering your email and login. From time to time you can exchange your funds for cash at any of the authorized WebMoney exchange agents.

If you are a WebMoney Transfer member, you will have an additional advantage of secure data transmission with Merchant Paymer by using the WebMoney Transfer cryptographic technology. Moreover, you can convert all Paymer checks you will get into WebMoney units and transfer WM-units to your WM purse.